Why Rent?

To rent or buy?

Industry experts agree that owning equipment is dependent on utilization.

  • If the equipment is going to be used over 64% of the time — or 14 out of the 22 work days each month — then purchasing the equipment is cost-effective.
  • With utilization between 60% and 40% ownership becomes risky. Remember the costs associated with ownership—repairs, maintenance, transportation, etc.
  • Utilization of 40% and less — less than 70 hours of use each month — are undeniable rental candidates.

Thinking about purchasing? Have you considered the additional costs?

  • Cost of Ownership. Owning Costs, Operating Costs, and Administrative Costs.
  • Fleet Maintenance, Repairs, and Downtime.
  • Financial Flexibility. No one can guarantee there will be enough work to make multiyear ownership profitable.
  • Transportation.
  • Governmental Compliance.

Why renting works?

  • You capitalize on the rental company’s buying power.
  • Dependable equipment.
  • You control your costs.